Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I got creative this week and made a new board with matching background in which to set up my sylvanians on. this time I used different colors for the grass. previously i used a very bright and pretty Lime Green, which i actually like better than this color. I may actually redo this and use the Lime Green this time. the Lime Green was much brighter and prettier I think. plus, I haven't seen anyone else use that color as grass for their Sylvanians before and I feel like it gave my photos a little touch of "me".
I bought a packet with a long white picket fence in it. it was originally tied together with white wire, but since that was impossible to glue down (I tried!) i decided to untwist all of the wire off that held the fence together, and tediously glue each and every plank down individually. i wasn't sure at first how good that would look, but i think it actually looks rather cute! I also bought "fluffy" white felt and used them as the clouds. they probably aren't low enough to show up in a lot of my photos, but i still like seeing them myself :)
i've been trying to hold off on creating more stories until i purchase a new camera. my old one really doesn't take great photos and i know this blog would look a million times nicer with a better camera. Mr. SylvanianLove and i have been looking at Nikons and will be purchasing a very good one sometime this week before we leave for our trip. so when we get back and we're all unpacked and settled, i'll get started on more stories and photographs.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Hello there! long time no update, I know. but as I said, I have returned. I am so pleased with the release of products in such a short amount of time. there are so many new families to choose from, and even more houses, shops and accessories. I am planning on adding a few more pieces to my collection starting next month. why next month? because in 12 days my husband and I leave for Sin City, and arrive home on July 1st. I have a bit of money saved up to purchase a few items that I have been dying to get my hands on. First, I must start with the new and very adorable JP Kangaroo Family. I absolutely love how there is a little Joey! what a way to make a family unique! and I also really like that there is no brother, but rather just a sister. As you know, most Sylvanian families have both a little brother and a little sister. so naturally I am drawn to the families that have different arrangements of children.
The popcorn stand! As soon as I saw this shop I fell head over heels. I adore the little popcorn maker filled with realistic looking fresh popped popcorn, and the little buckets are so old timey looking and sweet. I really can imagine having this in my Sylvanian village with an outdoor movie theatre (brain storming)!!!
New JP Cat Family! most have shut down this new family that's due out in mid-late July, but not I. I am so excited to see this new family and have in in my possession. Yes, it is almost exact to the JP Charcoal Cat Family, but there is just something about it that really draws me in. Maybe it's because the Charcoals are probably my most favored family, and it gives me the opportunity to expand my Charcoal family with close relatives :) Either way, I'll surely have the day these guys are released marked down on my calendar.