Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I recently set up my Sylvanian village. I didn't put out everything, but I had gotten a few new things and wanted to see how they looked. I really just need a day where I have the apartment to myself so I can set up every item and really have some fun. A few weeks ago I received my Juice Bar set with Betty Blackberry (which I was stoked over btw) and couldn't wait to see how she would look selling my Sylvanians the smoothies and juices that they have been craving. They were as excited as me! Father Mouse was glad to take his son out to the new stand for a smoothie, something he'd been begging for since the stand opened. Hedgehog and Panda brother are on the Chocolate Rabbits front porch enjoying a little picnic they had set up for themselves. Chocolate Rabbit brother is inside getting some napkins since baby panda had made a mess! I really hope to take some new photos soon since I wasn't exactly pleased with these. I was kind of rushing and snapping photos as my son pulled on my pantleg :) hopefully soon I will be taking some better photos, with everything set up.

Monday, August 16, 2010


My mother recently visited from Florida and brought me some great gifts! she had told me she picked a few things up for me, but I wasn't expecting the gifts to be nearly as cool as they were. you know how when your grandma buys you a gift? you're glad she thought of you and greatful for the gift she gives you, but it's never something you would actually buy yourself; my moms gifts are usually like that. so when I opened these, I was more than thrilled. The boxes contained: Norwood Mouse Family, Norwood Mouse Twins, Panda Family, Panda Twins, Baby Love 'n' Care set, Hedgehog Family, Hedgehog twins, and Nursery Fun Time set. I am surely going to have an amazing time with these guys. I can not wait to introduce them to their village and new homes.

Monday, August 2, 2010

A Day In My Sylvanian Village

It is a hot summer day in my Sylvanian Village. Mrs. Slydale Fox is the village Day Care teacher. She watches over all of the babies while their parents work. She is kind, gentle and patient; which is why she is so good at what she does. Clement Polar Bear is stopping by the Crepe shop with Pete and baby Patrick Deer. Baby Patrick is so excited to have his first crepe. He imagines in his head what it will taste like and how great it will be. After they are done enjoying their crepes, they are going to meet up with Rufus Kennelworth. The boys will probably get into some trouble from there!
Mrs. Caramel and her oldest daughter Anna Lucia are taking their twins for a walk thru the village. Anna Lucia is begging her mother to stop by the ice cream shop on the way home, but her mother doesn't want her to have ice cream until after she's eaten her lunch. too bad Anna Lucia, looks like you'll have to wait for ice cream!
Susie Snow Rabbit is thrilled to have opened her very own shop! She wasn't sure how she would raise her twins on her own, but with the help of Mrs. Slydale Fox, she can run her new business smoothly and effectively. She enjoys providing the village with her waffles and crepes, made with her own secret recipe. She hopes to one day expand her shop, but for now, she is very happy with the lovely one she has. Susie's crepe and Waffle shop opens early at 7:00am, and stays open until 5:00pm. She is thrilled to be able to keep her shop open for so many hours everyday, and she will continue as long as her costumers allow her!


Unfortunately I do not have the space in my apartment to have my Sylvanians out on display. I have seen many peoples Sylvanian Families displays, and I must admit, I am jealous. Not only do I not have a place to display my Sylvanian Families collection, I don't even have a place to set them up when I want to play with them or photograph them. This makes me very unhappy. So the other day I was cleaning out my children's toy room, when tucked away behind a toy cabinet, I found a plain board (which used to be one of the shelves for the cabinet, but was unused). an idea popped into my head that I could use that board to set up my figures. Only problem, it was plain white and boring. I decided that since I have at least some artistic ability, so I could do something about it.
First, I got out my supplies. I have tons of paints, brushes, and other craft supplies because I often like to do arts and crafts. choosing a color for the base was easy as I only had one green in my art box. it is a Citris Lime, and I thought it would make a nice bright color for the grass. The paint I used was regular Acrylic paint.
After several coats of the Lime green, I painted pathways. this was only the first coat of paint for the pathways, so thats why it looks crappy and unfinished.
After many more coats of the brown, I put in some detail. Living in Philadelphia, I have always admired the cobble stone of the streets here downtown. It has such a old timey, vintage vibe to it, and I love that; so I decided that I wanted my Sylvanians to have the same. I also decided to put in some flowers. I did many colors of purple, raspberry, blue, pink and yellow. I painted them all different, and no two bushels of flowers are the same.
After allowing to dry for several hours, I used Mod Podge to seal it and give it a matte finish that would keep the paint from rubbing off on my figures. this was the most important step. I waited 3 hours between each coat, and applied 3 coats. The finished project I thought came out great. I now have a place to set up my Sylvanians when I want to take them out. It's not huge, but it's an okay size, and better than what I had before, which was nothing. And I had so much fun doing it :)