Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I recently set up my Sylvanian village. I didn't put out everything, but I had gotten a few new things and wanted to see how they looked. I really just need a day where I have the apartment to myself so I can set up every item and really have some fun. A few weeks ago I received my Juice Bar set with Betty Blackberry (which I was stoked over btw) and couldn't wait to see how she would look selling my Sylvanians the smoothies and juices that they have been craving. They were as excited as me! Father Mouse was glad to take his son out to the new stand for a smoothie, something he'd been begging for since the stand opened. Hedgehog and Panda brother are on the Chocolate Rabbits front porch enjoying a little picnic they had set up for themselves. Chocolate Rabbit brother is inside getting some napkins since baby panda had made a mess! I really hope to take some new photos soon since I wasn't exactly pleased with these. I was kind of rushing and snapping photos as my son pulled on my pantleg :) hopefully soon I will be taking some better photos, with everything set up.

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