Monday, August 16, 2010


My mother recently visited from Florida and brought me some great gifts! she had told me she picked a few things up for me, but I wasn't expecting the gifts to be nearly as cool as they were. you know how when your grandma buys you a gift? you're glad she thought of you and greatful for the gift she gives you, but it's never something you would actually buy yourself; my moms gifts are usually like that. so when I opened these, I was more than thrilled. The boxes contained: Norwood Mouse Family, Norwood Mouse Twins, Panda Family, Panda Twins, Baby Love 'n' Care set, Hedgehog Family, Hedgehog twins, and Nursery Fun Time set. I am surely going to have an amazing time with these guys. I can not wait to introduce them to their village and new homes.

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  1. Lucky, lucky you! I'd give your mom a great big kiss, if I were you! ♥