Monday, August 2, 2010

A Day In My Sylvanian Village

It is a hot summer day in my Sylvanian Village. Mrs. Slydale Fox is the village Day Care teacher. She watches over all of the babies while their parents work. She is kind, gentle and patient; which is why she is so good at what she does. Clement Polar Bear is stopping by the Crepe shop with Pete and baby Patrick Deer. Baby Patrick is so excited to have his first crepe. He imagines in his head what it will taste like and how great it will be. After they are done enjoying their crepes, they are going to meet up with Rufus Kennelworth. The boys will probably get into some trouble from there!
Mrs. Caramel and her oldest daughter Anna Lucia are taking their twins for a walk thru the village. Anna Lucia is begging her mother to stop by the ice cream shop on the way home, but her mother doesn't want her to have ice cream until after she's eaten her lunch. too bad Anna Lucia, looks like you'll have to wait for ice cream!
Susie Snow Rabbit is thrilled to have opened her very own shop! She wasn't sure how she would raise her twins on her own, but with the help of Mrs. Slydale Fox, she can run her new business smoothly and effectively. She enjoys providing the village with her waffles and crepes, made with her own secret recipe. She hopes to one day expand her shop, but for now, she is very happy with the lovely one she has. Susie's crepe and Waffle shop opens early at 7:00am, and stays open until 5:00pm. She is thrilled to be able to keep her shop open for so many hours everyday, and she will continue as long as her costumers allow her!


  1. I really like how your project (from your previous post, of the board) made everything come together. The set-up and the pictures all look great!

    Wishing Ms. Snow Rabbit the best on her new business!


  2. Your little Sylvanian world is so incredibly cute!! Thanks for sharing your pics. :)

  3. thanks guys!
    I really had so much fun with the project okasaneko. I can not wait to do another. maybe a bigger one with more pathways!