Thursday, September 2, 2010

Would you like some tea?

Today, baby Charcoal cat and baby Silk cat are craving doughnuts. They take a stroll over to the doughnut shop where they hope to find the sweets they've been craving. "How about some tea?" baby Silk cat asks Baby Charcoal cat. "Why that sounds lovely!" he replies. Baby Silk cat reaches up to grab the tea pot, but quickly pulls away when she sees the steam flowing from the spout. "What's that?" she asks amazed. "Why that means it's hot." Mrs. Hounddog steps in. "...what'" asks baby Charcoal Cat. "You don't want to know." smiles Mrs. Hounddog, "Besides, you're much too young for tea anyway." Baby Silk Cat scrunches her nose, "But my mommy drinks tea all the time. Why can she and not I?" she questions. "Tea is a grown up drink. When you are grown up, you can drink tea, but for now you will have to stick with milk and doughnuts." Mrs. Hounddog tells them. Baby Charcoal cat smiles at Baby silk cat, "I can wait for the tea then!"

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