Saturday, September 4, 2010

Yesterday I FINALLY received my Sweets Buffet in the mail. I say "finally" because I ordered it over a month ago, and the seller took their good 'ole time shipping it. I didn't think it would ever come, but to my surprise it actually came. I was so thrilled, I opened it right away and started to set it up. I am absolutely amazing at the quality and detail of this set. The fondue fountain is simply exquisite, and the cute little coffee cups with foam and bunny designs on it have just got to be my favorite part! It certainly is going to add so much to my Sylvanian Village. I paid quite a bit for the set, but I do not regret it. it was totally worth every penny. I am probably going to make this the Charcoal Cats business. Since they are dressed so fancy, they deffinately fit this set to a T. I can not wait to really get into it and play with this set.

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