Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Make A Wish!

The women of the Macavity Cat Family woke up this morning and decided it was a beautiful day to take a walk through the park. Mrs. Macavity has been so busy since having twins, that she barely has time to take walks with her daughter, Anna Lucia, anymore. While walking thru the park and admiring nature, Anna Lucia spots something she's never noticed before. "What's that?!" she exclaims, running towards it. "It appears to be an old well." Mother says, "If you throw a penny in and make a wish, it might come true." Anna Lucia scrunches her nose, "I have a penny!... but it's the one father gave me this morning for candy... but I could WISH for candy!" Without thinking it over, Anna Lucia tosses her penny in, closes her eyes, and yells "I wish for candy!" But to her surprise, there was no candy when she opened her eyes. "Where's my candy?" she asks dissapointed. "Well honey, wishes don't happen immediately. Sometimes you have to wait a while." Mother explains. Anna Lucia sighs, "How long? Because the last time you said I had to wait a while for a little sister, I had to wait almost an entire year!"

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