Thursday, June 24, 2010

I received my primrose nursery figures about two weeks ago, and I must say, they are amazing! I wasn't going to order them, but found them at a great price and I just couldn't resist! Now I find myself wanting to order the pre school so they will have a place to learn. Their pre school outfits are so tiny and adorable, they make it hard not to love them. They are a MUST for any collector. I find myself just admiring them a lot, and wanting to carry them around in my pocket. If I had the money, I'd purchase the pre school outfits for every one of my standing baby/toddlers. Sadly, neither of these babies have parents yet, but I'll be working on it. Actually, I don't think there are any parents for the Ivory Dogs; but I'll be looking out for them. I've had my eye on the Ivory Dogs (Spotty & Stella's Swimming Adventure) for some time now, but just haven't made the purchase yet as I always wind up finding another figure I'd rather order instead. And unfortunately, I am not made of money!

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