Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I recently ordered the Lambrook Sheep sister from a seller on Ebay. Prior I had only the Sheep mother and felt she needed a child. So a month ago, I ordered her, and sadly she never arrived. I contacted the Ebay seller, who provided me with the tracking number. USPS said she was delivered to my apartment, but she never was. After weeks of calling them and stopping by the post office to see if she had been found, she magically appeared in my mailbox this morning! thank god. I was beginning to feel like she was lost forever. And since I haven't much money to spend on Sylvanians recently, I felt like it was such a waste. Sure, I didn't spend much on her, but still, money is money. And Sylvanians are so expensive, that it would have crushed me to lose that money, and her. Well, I'm glad she showed up so she can finally join her mother at home! Her mother greeted her with a big smile and happy tears.


  1. Hi BugzySUPERhappy,
    Great to hear that you finally received sheep sister!!

  2. Thank you! I almost had heart failure! I'm glad she's home now :) have you ever had a problem when ordering items?

  3. Good thing she found her way home to you! Welcome home, sheep sister!