Tuesday, October 12, 2010

a few more things that I made last night and this morning in between cleaning my apartment. I really thought the blue dress came out the prettiest. The front part of this dress was originally supposed to be the back, but I thought it looked very cute in the front. I guess it could be worn either way. both dresses are made of suede material, except for the front of the blue dress which in just simple white felt.

These here are winter shawls. again, the blue is suede material. I used very fluffy white felt as the trim, and velcro in the front to keep them together.


  1. Oohh-la-la! Très chic!

    You make me want to take up sewing again, Bugzy. Your dresses are geting finer and finer! Now, if I can only remember where I put my glasses...

  2. I love the shawls! They look so snuggly and cosy. I think I could do with one of those right now ^_^

    I am terrible at sewing, and general creativity, so I applaud your efforts. They look fantastic. How do you make them? :O

  3. thank you okasaneko! haha, you will deff need glasses to get the fine stitch. if I didn't have mine on, I wouldn't have been able to do it!

  4. P-Angel, thanks! yes the shawls were the most fun to make. they were simple so I didn't get frustrated :) I am planning on making another one, so I will post the how to's with photos.