Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Today some wonderful Sylvanian items came in the mail. My Captain Horatio Seadog and My Mother & Brother Seadog. I was so thrilled! They are more adorable in person then I could have ever imagined. I immediately pulled them from their boxes, and snapped some photos. Now all I need is the Seadog sister, and I'll have an (almost) complete family. I've been eying one on ebay for some time, but she is quite expensive. I haven't decided wether to spend the money on her or not. She is very pretty, and I'd be so happy to complete this family, but there are other sets I have my eye on as well. I have a few more Sylvanians that are in the process of being shipped to me, Including the Limited Edition "Ready for School" set with Chocolate Rabbit sister and baby, and the Limited Edition JP Halloween set from 2009. and also some other things but I don't feel like getting into all of that.
I am currently creating a log book of all of my figures, sets, ect. so I can keep track of my collection. In the log I have included photos of each figure, release dates, purchase dates, and some other details. It's just a little something to keep me busy so I don't wind up draining my bank account on more Sylvanians *as much as I'd LOVE to, hehe*. My husband would KILL me if I bought anymore this month. I have a set limit on how much to spend every month, and I usually wind up going a *little* over. I try not to though, because we are in the process of looking for a house. Apartment living is rough when you've got two rowdy boys, two rowdy cats, a tired husband, and an ever growing collection of Sylvanians. We somehow make it work, and things run smoothly, but a house with much more room would be ideal for us. Well, we're trying to get there.

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